PC, Mac, and Laptop Repair

Is your desktop or laptop no longer turning on? Do you have to wiggle the charger to get your laptop to start charging? Does it feel like it takes ages for your desktop to start booting up? We’ve got you covered! Whether your power supply has gone out, the charging port in your laptop has broken loose, or the hard drive in your desktop is beginning to fail, we are happy to help you! You can even bring your computer in for a free quote!

Hard Drive replacement with an SSD typically runs from $150 to $175. Laptop screen repair for a 15″, non-touchscreen tends to be around $125. Charge port repair can be from $75 to $100, but please come in for an exact quote on all repairs.

We are located near the back of the Riverbender Building directly across from Mac’s Downtown. Give us a call today at (618) 433-8989 or send us a message.