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You’ll also find great prices, great products, and very knowledgeable people. We specialize in the kinds of technology that help small to medium-sized businesses succeed.  If you need a solution for home or business, or maybe you just dropped your new smartphone or tablet and shattered the glass, no matter what your needs, you can count on us to get you taken care of.

Give us a call at (618) 433-8989, OR STOP IN TODAY!  We are located near the back of the Riverbender Building directly across from Mac’s Downtown.


Drop your phone and crack the screen? We can help!


Damaged your laptop? Computer running slow?


Looking to replace that dinosaur of a computer you have? Look no further!

A broken screen on your phone is never a fun time. These days, smartphones are a lifeline for just about everybody. It’s nice when you don’t have to cut your hands on shards of broken glass while trying to use it. If your phone or tablet has taken an accidental tumble and you have to hold it together with tape, feel free to stop in so we can check it out. Phone and tablet repair prices vary by model, so give us a call or stop in for a quote! These are just some of the things that we can fix for you:

Broken/cracked screens
Damaged charge ports
Failing/faulty batteries
Speaker/microphone replacements
And more!

You just finished typing up your thesis for your college major. As you’re saving it, you get up and trip over the charger cable. Your laptop can’t fight the forces of gravity, and it smashes to the floor. The screen is broken, the keyboard has fallen out, and it doesn’t seem to turn on anymore. Have no fear! We will do everything in our power to help you retrieve that important document, be it by fixing the laptop entirely, or pulling the data off and moving it to a different computer altogether.

Or, have you just noticed that your computer isn’t quite what it used to be? Does it feel like it’s taking ages to really do anything on it? This can be caused by a lot of things, but we can help with that, too! Here’s a small list of some common services we provide:

Virus removal
Data backup/Data recovery
OS re-installations
Hardware upgrades
Custom builds for gaming
Laptop screen/keyboard/frame replacements
Laptop battery replacements
And more!

We have a wide selection of used and refurbished desktops and laptops. Whether you need something cheap and simple for browsing the Web or checking your e-mail, or you need a reliable gaming desktop, we probably have something here that can meet your needs and budget. If you would prefer to have something custom-built for your needs, we can help with that too! We can put together a variety of options based on your budget, and we’ll assemble it for you and ensure everything is running smoothly.