Data Backup & Recovery

Data is priceless. Whether you have wedding photos from last year or pictures of your firstborn child, you want to ensure that those memories stick around forever. Unfortunately, the things that we use to store these memories are prone to failures. Be it a computer, a phone, or even an SD card—eventually, something is going to break down, and anything you stored on it may be gone forever.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this! Listed below are some good practices that we recommend to ensure your most precious memories are kept safe.


The RiverBender Tech Center is a certified reseller for IDrive, a cloud based backup service. The service has 5 GB Free For Life – Larger accounts start at 2 TB cloud storage, plus 2TB sync space. You can backup an unlimited number of devices into one account. You can also create unlimited sub-accounts within your storage space and monitor via a centralized administrator console.

Do you store your photos on Facebook or Instagram? IDrive has a solution for that! With Social Media Backup, you can backup unlimited Facebook and Instagram photos and videos to a single IDrive account.

Backup Quickbooks or other financial data, important company documents like Word or Excel, or your company’s database with ease. You can also Manage data backups, restores, application settings, etc, on your distant computers via a web-based console.

Tired of losing information every time you lose or upgrade your phone? What about when you upgrade your computer? Get organized with IDrive and never lose your data again. Stop in today and let our technicians demonstrate just how user-friendly this software is.

How do I set it up?

The RiverBender Tech Center can set your devices up with your IDrive account remotely, for free! Just contact us to setup your IDrive account, and the rest will be a breeze. You can rest easy knowing your precious data is safe and sound.


  • 5 GB, Free for Life


Less than $5monthly
  • One User, Multiple Devices


Less than $7monthly
  • Multiple Users, Multiple Devices

How secure is it?

Your data is encrypted with military grade 256-bit AES encryption on transfer and storage. On signup, you can choose a private encryption key, known only to you and not stored anywhere on the IDrive servers. Your data resides at IDrive data centers built to withstand natural disaster and monitored 24/7/365 against physical and network security threats.

Why do we recommend IDrive?

The following major, independent parties all recommend IDrive as the safest and most reliable solution for protecting your data. Try it and see for yourself!

More features than any competing product!

Physical Storage

Not completely comfortable with having all your data exclusively in the cloud? IDrive can also backup locally to a solid state hard drive that can be purchased from us for as low as $100.

Contact Us to purchase an external hard drive